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Bite Wing X-ray


Reviewed by: Dr. Kristen Dority

A bite wing x-ray is the type of dental film that has a central tab or wing on which the molars and premolars close to hold the film in position.

Detailed Information:
Bite wing x-rays highlight the crowns of the teeth and are typically useful in helping dentists detect decay between the molars and premolars in the back of the mouth.

The advantage of a bite wing x-ray is that is provides a highly-detailed image of a several teeth. Used in conjunction with periapical x-rays that show root structure, bone levels, cysts, and abscesses, and with panoramic x-rays that provide a broad view of the oral cavity, bite wing x-rays help practitioners more easily diagnose and treat dental problems.

Clinicians and their assistants are trained in the risks of over-exposure to radiation from x-rays. Body protectors are widely used to limit patients’ exposure, and patients are encouraged to discuss particular situations such as pregnancy with their practitioners.

Last updated: 12-May-05

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