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When a denture looks and bites adequately but fits poorly, dentists can reline or resurface the tissue side of the appliance with new base material. Once dentures are relined, they fit more precisely and are more comfortable to wear.

Detailed Description

Relining of dentures is generally required every few years, although those that wear removable implant dentures must have them relined annually. Relining is necessary because the mouth and dental ridges in the gums change and shrink over time.

A laboratory reline is considered the best type of reline available and the longest lasting. The plastic is processed and cured in the laboratory in the same way that the plastic of the original denture was cured. The disadvantage of a laboratory reline is that patients will be without their teeth during the process. When patients leave their teeth for relining, they usually drop their dentures off in the morning and then plan a day of video watching at home before picking up their dentures the same evening.

Relines can be done directly at the dental office, but because of the nature of material used it is not considered as accurate and long lasting as a laboratory reline.

Last updated: 16-Jun-05

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