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Topic Title: Painless Dentistry?
Created On: 01/25/2010 04:57 PM
 08/25/2016 11:28 PM

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<p> I had painless laser dentistry done.</p>
<p>I think the best thing was the lack of that drilling sound! It sounded more like soft air suction and was 100% painless pretty amazing! </p>
 08/21/2013 04:13 AM

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In this fast moving age with latest technology, you have no need to be worried. Most of the dentists are now using those technologies which are painless. is one of from these dentists who is offering painless treatment for every patient either for dental implant because of having laser treatments.
 08/10/2012 05:34 AM

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Our science technique has changed as befor. There have a lot changing for this direction. In ancient time patient had to suffer much unbearable pain but in this scientic age has discovered many way to get rid of pain. You don't need to hesitate for destistary work. It will be very comfortable for you for that time.
 04/26/2010 02:33 PM

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[p]I just don't like the sound. I'm not sure I can accurately describe it, but even with no pain, the scratching/whining/etc of dental work makes me wince. [/p]
 01/25/2010 04:57 PM

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[p]Are you afraid of the dentist's drill? Nothing scares me more than the noise and the pain associated with the dentist's drill, but there may be a solution! You're in luck because new plasma jet technology may promise painless drilling! Find out more at[/p]

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Is it worth spending money on teeth whitening?
By varana

Posted: Jun 5, 2018
Yes it is worth it. As long as the result is that you have whiter teeth.

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