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Topic Title: Sugar Alternatives and more : What kind of toothepaste do you use?
Created On: 07/06/2013 02:48 AM
 11/14/2017 10:28 PM

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<p>I think its best to consult your dentist before purchasing toothpastes. No matter which toothpaste you choose, it won&#8217;t help unless you&#8217;re serious about brushing your teeth.</p>
 10/01/2014 06:02 AM

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<p>I suggest you visit a dentist that is close to your town because they can help you with your problem and provide you proper guidlines to have a refreshing breath.</p>
 09/06/2013 07:46 AM

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I think you should visit any dentist because he can tell better after your practical checkup. There are many things included in it that`s why I cannot recommend a specific. You can also get advice from Dr. Asha by visiting "". It will be more suitable solution for you.
 07/06/2013 02:48 AM

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will admit it : I am a single mother whom enjoys more than one cup of coffee a day, I'm a bit dehydrated, I suffer from swollen gums and a bit of bad breathe. I find myself dreading the dentist because I know he's going to tell me the same thing my mother tells me daily " cut back on the coffee, hydrate and choose the right tooth paste". I actually tried the tongue tooth brush and it works well but I need something that can compliment my sprye tooth gel. I found that my breathe is a bit less harsh ever since I decided to start using it and I want to make sure that I am utilizing all the options on the market. The collgate line seems to make my mouth feel like I have foam in it and it dries my gums out so are there any mothers, fathers.... heck even aliens who know of any product that can compliment what I'm using now?

Here's more info on what I'm using now so it doesn't seem so in the dark :

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Is it worth spending money on teeth whitening?
By varana

Posted: Jun 5, 2018
Yes it is worth it. As long as the result is that you have whiter teeth.

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