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Topic Title: My bottom permanent retainer just got chipped and one of my bottom middle teeth started moving.
Created On: 02/16/2016 02:20 AM
 12/07/2017 09:01 PM

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<p>I suggest you should ask your [url=]orthodontist [/url]when&#160;your retainer should be removed.&#160; At some point in time, natural forces need to be allowed to come into play. The orthodontist needs to follow you to see if any tooth movement occurs and take proper action.</p>
 12/13/2016 06:35 AM

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<p>Hi Zabalsy,&#160;</p>
<p>If you discover that your retainer might be really damaged and are unable to get to the orthodontist or dentist immediately, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage to your mouth.&#160;[br]Avoid hard foods while you're still wearing your removable retainer. And if you fell something pain rinse your mouth with warm salt water to help heal any painful spots. Purchase an over-the-counter mouth guard to wear at night, which will help to protect a fixed retainer while you sleep and prevent any movement of the teeth until you can see your orthodontist, according to the;[br have a kind consultation @ for a further explaination and faster solution for your problem.&#160;[br][br]</p>
<p>Looking forward.&#160;</p>
 02/16/2016 02:20 AM

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<p>Hi.. 8 months ago I had completed my tooth braces treatment from a Vaughan based dental clinic. A month prior I had to fly to to Toronto for my business purpose and last week when I was driving back to to home I met with a minor accident where my bottom permanent retainer just got chipped and one of my bottom middle teeth started moving. So I went to Short Term Braces near Houston and he said that fixing braces again will be too expensive, so he gave me a removable spring retainer. He said that it will take 1 year to fix them. Will the retainer actually fix the problem?  </p>

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